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Scotia Floor Care


Scotia Floor Care provides dustless hardwood floor sanding, staining &
refinishing services in Pictou County 

&  Nova Scotia


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Scotia Floor Care Ltd values you as a customer and takes pride in every floor we do. 

Scotia Floor Care Ltd assures that the materials and craftsmanship used in any hardwood floor sanding, refinishing, staining floors, or wood floor recoats, and flooring installation conform to the guidelines set for forth by the National Wood Flooring Association, or by manufacturers, and that any flooring product used by Scotia Floor Care Ltd meets or exceeds their standards of quality.


Our warranty will not cover damages due to the neglect or abuse of the flooring caused by, but not limited to, high heels, animals, children, fire, heat, do it yourself installations or repairs, or normal wear and tear, etc.

Flooring Warranties are only creditable to the original, authorized homeowner and are never transferable.


Scotia Floor Care Ltd does not guarantee any size or grade of hardwood flooring against cupping, buckling, warping, shrinking, insect infestation, or damage caused by moisture or water, including humidity; we also are not accountable for the use of improper cleansers or cleaning techniques on your wood surface, including Murphy’s Oil Soap as outlined in our care instructions email.


Scotia Floor Care does warranty the floor against bubbling or peeling for 30 days, unless any of the above has been applied or damage done by the home owner, pets or others.

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