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Scotia Floor Care


Scotia Floor Care provides dustless hardwood floor sanding, staining &
refinishing services in Pictou County 

&  Nova Scotia


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FAQ's about floor refinishing

Do I need a re coat or sand and finish?


In some cases, we do not need to do a complete sand & finish on your hardwood floors, we can offer an abrade and re coat. That means, we sand the surface and apply one coat of finish. Doing an abrade and re coat will only remove the surface scratches, making your hardwood floors look like "new" again.

In order to remove deeper scratches, change the color, removes stains, etc, we would have to do a complete sand and finish. Which means, bringing the wood floors down to the bare wood and applying three coats of finish.


Please call or email us today for a free quote and to find out what option works best for you.


Will my home be full of dust?


There will always be some dust in any type of process that includes sanding. Scotia Floor Care uses a large HEPA filtered vacuum and containment unit to eliminate as much dust as possible. If your floors have big dips or cracks, the dust can escape. It would be the equivalent to leaving your windows open for a couple of weeks. In some cases there is no dust at all.


Are the finishes you use tough and what are my options?

We have a variety of finishes available. Both Oil and Water based finishes are tough. Scotia Floor Care can add hardeners to make your finish tougher, adding about 10% more durability. We can also add Aluminum Oxide to the finish, making it even tougher.


The product we will use on your hardwood floors will depend on some of the following: the level of activity in your home, if you have pets and/or children, and what look you desire. Below is some information on each of the finishes we use.


Water Based Polyurethanes: 


Fast drying and curing time (4 hours between coats & 7 day cure time)

Abrasion tests show water based finishes to be much more scratch and scuff resistant

Will not yellow over time

About 1/4 the VOC's of oil, friendlier on the environment

Still has a smell but not as harsh as oil (VOC's are still present but lower than Oil)

Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Glossy sheen


Oil Based Polyurethanes: 

Slower curing and drying time (6 hours between coats & 30 day cure time)

Slightly stronger finish than water based finishes

Provides a rich golden texture, giving your hardwood floors the "classic" look

The smell is strong,  you may want to be out of the house for a few days if you have allergies, pets or children

Oil based finishes are tougher on the environment

Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Glossy sheen


Can I match or change the color of my hardwood floors?

Scotia Floor Care can color match or change the color of your hardwood floors. During the initial quote we can determine what service fits your needs.

Do all hard/soft woods look the same after they are stained?

No, they do not look the same after they are stained. The reason is because of grain pattern. Birch hardwood floors stains in a "marbled" way where as oak hardwood floors stains more evenly. We can determine what your floors will look like during the quote to see if staining is the best option.

How long will it take and can I stay in my home during the process?

Depending on the size and complexity of the job, it can take as little as one day up to two weeks to complete a job. That is something that will be discussed during the home visit. You can stay home during the process, but more people choose to stay out of the home as the process  requires all furniture to be removed from the areas we are refinishing. Also, the products we use have a strong odor, and anyone with breathing problems, small children or pets, we suggest leaving for the few days it takes to refinish your floors.

Can I refinish my factory finished floors?

The answer is generally “yes,” as long as the factory finished floors are solid hardwood. If the flooring is engineered hardwood, the answer is usually “No”, but depends on the thickness of its veneer.

What about my pets?

We suggest removing pets from your home during the process. The machines are loud and might scare them. The coatings we use are toxic and pets can become curious and want to walk or lick the wet finish.

Call us for a FREE quote!

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