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Scotia Floor Care


Scotia Floor Care provides dustless hardwood floor sanding, staining &
refinishing services in Pictou County 

&  Nova Scotia


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​                                        Staining and/or Final Color







The overall look of your hardwood floor is determined by your first coat because we are using a clear coat over top of the first coat.  You can choose between an oil based or water based polyurethane coating. We often use the oil based sealer to match an existing floor that does not require refinish.  Or you can have a natural look by using a water based sealer.  This look is becoming more popular because it is a little more environmentally friendly and it shows the natural look of your wood floor. 




Stain colors are chosen by you.  We have access to hundreds of different color options for our clients to choose from.  Custom stains do cost more. If you desire a custom stain, we will get it and match it up.  Of course if you have oak cupboards and a birch floor there are differences due to grain pattern and type of wood.  But we can get them very close.  There are also other option such as reactive stains and bleaches.  Talk to us to see what you wish to have on your hardwood floor. 

Natural Look
After Staining
​During Staining

Note the lighter colours of the base wood on a natural looking floor

Note the goldish tones when an oil based sealer is applied.

Classic Look

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